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Manitoba for Ukraine

Manitoba for UkraineOne in seven Manitobans is of Ukrainian descent and during this terrible ordeal we are all Ukrainians.

Manitoba stands united with Ukraine and its courageous people, as they face the unimaginable loss and suffering caused by this appalling and brutal war of aggression.

The Manitoba government will continue to work together with the Ukrainian Canadian Congress (UCC), other Ukrainian-Canadian organizations, non-profit organizations and businesses, and all of our communities as we address this evolving humanitarian crisis.

Individuals in Manitoba looking for resources and services available to Ukrainians in Manitoba can dial 2-1-1 or visit 211 Manitoba online. For people reaching to Manitoba from another province or outside of Canada, call 1-855-275-1197.

How can I help?

There has been a tremendous outpouring of compassion and support from all Manitobans. They have stepped up with generous offers of support. As these are reviewed coordinated over the coming days and weeks, there are further options available for anybody else wanting to help:

  • Donating to experienced humanitarian organizations: To date, the Manitoba government has contributed $800,000 in direct humanitarian aid. Your contribution will only add to Manitoba’s commitments.
  • To donate household items and non-perishables for Ukrainian families, please contact the Ukrainian Canadian Congress call centre at 204-942-9348.
  • Stay informed: Accurate information is critical during this humanitarian crisis. For updates on the federal government’s response, please visit the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada’s website. For information on the response from Manitoba and its focus on delivering a full range of settlement and provincial service supports, continue to visit this website.
  • Reach out to friends, family and neighbours: Be mindful of the depth of Manitoba’s proud Ukrainian connections. Check in on your Ukrainian friends and neighbours, learn more about Ukrainian culture and history, attend an event or participate in a fundraiser. Manitoba’s Ukrainian community is vibrant and strong, and your support will be deeply appreciated during these difficult times, and will build on these enduring bonds.
  • Fraud: The Government of Manitoba is advising Manitobans to be vigilant of fraud and scams related to supporting new families from Ukraine. Fraud can take a variety of forms and could be used to obtain money or personal information from Manitobans. For more information on identifying fraud, review the following link. If you believe you have identified fraud or are the victim of fraud, please report it here.
  • Ukraine2Canada Fund: Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada has announced a new Ukraine2Canada Travel Fund, which will be launched in partnership with Miles4Migrants, The Shapiro Foundation and Air Canada. Canadians and Canadian companies can now donate Aeroplan points to the Ukraine2Canada Travel Fund through Air Canada or Miles4Migrants. The Shapiro Foundation will match donations by Canadians, with a donation equivalent of up to 50 million Aeroplan points. More information is available here.
    • Miles4Migrants receives donations to cover the cost of commercial flights for those from Ukraine. If you are looking for assistance to cover the cost of flights, learn more by visiting Miles4Migrants.
  • Volunteer: In regular Manitoba fashion, people are stepping up to offer assistance to new families arriving from Ukraine. The settlement sector is mobilizing to map the needs of newcomers and NEEDS Inc. is matching volunteers with agencies in Winnipeg that are supporting Ukrainians. If you would like to volunteer in Winnipeg, please contact Kirby Borgardt at .

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What Manitoba is doing

Immigration Information

Coming to Manitoba

Manitoba is offering a safe haven to Ukrainians who may want to relocate here in the coming weeks or months. The provincial government is working with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to offer enhanced measures to help the movement of Ukrainians who want to leave their country, temporarily or permanently. We communicate regularly with our federal partners as we continue to develop local strategies to ensure resources are in place for Ukrainians who come to Manitoba.

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC)

On March 3, 2022, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) announced two new pathways for citizens of Ukraine to evacuate and come to Canada. This includes the Canada-Ukraine Authorization for Emergency Travel (CUAET) and a special family reunification sponsorship pathway.

Right now, IRCC’s Canada-Ukraine Authorization for Emergency Travel (CUAET) is the most direct pathway for Ukrainian citizens to apply to come to Canada. Please refer to the CUAET application portal: Through the CUAET, IRCC will allow unlimited number of citizens of Ukraine to apply for a fee-waived, simplified temporary resident visa that would allow them to travel to Canada and to work for any employer as soon as they apply for an Open Work Permit. The biometrics needed for temporary residence visas can be completed at more than 30 diplomatic posts across Europe.

Please visit IRCC’s online information regarding measures for people affected by the situation in Ukraine:

Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program

As part of Manitoba government’s response to the situation in Ukraine, the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) has introduced special measures for Ukrainian Citizens, and is conducting regular special Expression of Interest (EOI) draws.

The MPNP is an economic immigration program. Persons who apply to the MPNP and receive a nomination may then apply to the IRCC for permanent residence. The MPNP is one of several economic immigration programs in Canada.

All persons interested in applying to the MPNP must complete and submit an EOI profile.

Ukrainians citizens can submit an EOI to the MPNP and benefit from provincial emergency measures if they have:

  • Ukrainian citizenship
  • minimum CLB 4 supported with valid IELTS or CELPIP test
  • an established connection to Manitoba (close relative, distant relative, friend, community support, previous employment or studies in Manitoba)
  • score of at least 60 points according to MPNP assessment and
  • can satisfy all other requirements of the skilled worker overseas pathway, including sufficient settlement funds

Please see here for more information about the EOI process.

A CUAET holder working in Manitoba for at least six months in any occupation may be eligible to apply to the MPNP as a Skilled Worker in Manitoba. Please see here for more information about the Skilled Worker in Manitoba Pathway.

All persons interested in applying to the MPNP with an Express Entry (EE) profile must provide a valid EE profile and satisfy all EE criteria at time of MPNP nomination.

The MPNP has implemented the following program measures in response to the war in Ukraine:

  • Manitoba is working closely with regional and cultural communities to use existing partnerships to support the migration of Ukrainians who want to come to Manitoba.  
  • MPNP is offering faster processing for all applications sent by Ukrainian citizens.
  • Special MPNP Expression of Interest (EOI) draws take place on a regular basis since March 9, 2022.
  • Manitoba has waived the MPNP application processing fee for Ukrainian citizens who apply to the MPNP for nomination since February 22, 2022.

The Province must balance any changes made to MPNP eligibility or document requirements with federal requirements to ensure it stays consistent with IRCC. This is to ensure provincial nominees will not be refused when they apply for permanent residence, due to insufficient documentation.


A central Reception Centre and Settlement Services Hub for Ukrainian refugees arriving in Manitoba is now open in Winnipeg. Services include:

  • initial intake services to determine individual and family needs;
  • temporary accommodations and meals up to 30 days for those without pre-arranged accommodation*;
  • access to co-ordinated health-care services through the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority and Manitoba Health; and
  • registration, brief orientation and referral services through Manitoba Start to facilitate awareness of settlement supports that link people to language training, the workforce and longer-term settlement needs, including housing search.

*Once permanent housing is located, individuals must leave temporary accommodations to help create space for new arrivals from Ukraine.

Appointments are required to access the reception centre and settlement services. To book an appointment, visit or scan the QR code. If you require assistance contact 2-1-1 or visit the reception centre at 1715 Wellington Avenue.

For more information on reception centre and settlement services, including location, hours of operation, schedule of services, and how to book an appointment, please call 2-1-1.

Child Care

Families living in Manitoba on a permanent or temporary basis are eligible to access licensed child-care services. This includes refugees.

  • In Manitoba, there are two types of licensed child care available to families. This includes:
    • centre-based child care for infants, preschool children and school-age children.
    • home-based child care providers who offer child care in their own home for up to eight children and can offer child care for up to 6 children, not including their own.
  • To help find a facility, people can use the online search tool at:
  • The Child Care Subsidy Program provides provincial support to eligible families to help with the cost of care by reducing child care fees for children from the ages of 12 weeks to 12 years.
    • Your eligibility depends on various factors including:
      • income
      • the number and age of your children
      • the number of days required for care
      • the reason for care
    • As part of “the reason for care” all refugees including Ukrainian Nationals with Temporary Residency in Manitoba are eligible for child care subsidy. The full parent fee cost will be approved for the first six months of child care.
  • The provincial Inclusion Support Program is an additional service available for families whose children who may require extra support. The Inclusion Support Program offers a range of services to support a child with additional needs. This includes children with disabilities, chronic health needs and behavioural and emotional needs. Further information can be found at:
  • To search for child care options and available child care, please go to the Manitoba Child Care Search at or refer to the Directory of Child Care Centres and the Directory of Child Care Homes.
Health Care Coverage

Ukrainians travelling to Manitoba under the federal Canada-Ukraine Authorization for Emergency Travel (CUAET) are eligible for health care coverage upon arrival in Manitoba. Additional information about health care coverage in Manitoba is here.

Prescription drugs

Pharmacare is a drug benefit program for eligible Manitoba residents. Pharmacare coverage is based on both your total family income and the amount you pay for eligible prescription drugs. You qualify for the Manitoba Pharmacare program if you have a Manitoba Health card and your prescriptions are not covered by another provincial or federal government program. To learn more and to apply to the Pharmacare Program click here.

Find a panel physician in Manitoba: The federal government is expediting Ukrainians through the CUAET and waiving the immigration medical exam requirement until 90 days after they arrive in Canada. Ukrainians who need a medical exam can access designated panel physicians who will complete the exam. There is no cost for the documents or the exam. Individuals must bring the following documents to their appointment:

  • Ukrainian ID
  • CUAET visa
  • Manitoba health card or the nine-digit health number provided by Manitoba Health

For a list of panel physicians throughout Manitoba, please visit here, or click here to view a printable list.

If you are Ukrainian, have a CUAET visa, and previously paid for a medical exam in Manitoba you are eligible to receive a refund. For more information, please contact the Claims Unit Patient Inquiry General Line by phone at 204-786-7367 or by email at . Applicants will need to provide the following information to receive a cheque in the mail:

  • Name
  • Address
  • PHIN (9 digit health number)
  • Receipt from the physician office

Winnipeg-based health Care Resources for Newcomers

Manitoba Health Card Registration for Ukraine Arrivals

Manitoba Health Insurance Benefits Registration Form

Find a family doctor

The Family Doctor Finder is designed to connect you and your family with a home clinic, providing you with a home base for your health care needs. There are two ways to register with the program:

  • Online – click here
  • By phone: 204-786-7111 (in Winnipeg) OR toll-free 1-866-690-8260; TTY/TDD call 204-774-8618 or Manitoba Relay Services toll-free

For more information visit About the Family Doctor Finder Program | Health | Province of Manitoba ( or click here for a Ukrainian translation.

K – 12 Education

Children of Ukrainians traveling to Manitoba under the federal Canada-Ukraine Authorization for Emergency Travel (CUAET) and have applied for a work permit (valid for at least 12 months) are eligible to enroll in Manitoba schools as of the date the permit is issued. Additional information about education for temporary residents in Manitoba is here.

Manitoba Parents for Ukrainian Education (MPUE) is dedicated to promoting, enhancing and expanding the English-Ukrainian Bilingual Program (EUBP) in Manitoba. More information on the English-Ukrainian Bilingual program is here.

Newcomer Parent Guides are available and intended to help newcomer families navigate the Manitoba Education System. To view the three parent guides in multiple languages click here.

Manitoba Public Insurance Licence Exchange Program

Manitoba Public Insurance is exchanging full stage Ukrainian Category B (including BE) passenger vehicle licences for Manitoba full stage Class 5 licences without the need for further knowledge or road testing. Commercial class licences or motorcycle licences are not eligible for exchange. Eligible individuals who have recently arrived in Manitoba and have already started the driver licensing/testing process should contact MPI’s Contact Centre at 204-985-7000 or toll-free at 1-800-665-2410 to discuss their options.

There are two key requirements for exchanging a licence from Ukraine for a Manitoba Class 5 licence:

  • Documents in a language other than English or French will require translation into English and must meet translation requirements.
  • The physical licence must be provided and will be retained by Manitoba Public Insurance.
  • Applicants must also pass a vision test, performed for free at MPI Service Centres.

For more information click here.

Post-Secondary Education

Anyone interested in pursuing post-secondary education in Manitoba must apply for a study permit. 

  • To qualify for a study permit, you must be accepted into a program at one Manitoba’s designated learning institutions. Please review the list of  designated learning institutions for more information. Please note that only institutions included on this list can accept international students.
  • For more information about international education in Manitoba, visit:
  • Manitoba advanced education institutions offer quality, affordable education and value the diversity and experience international students bring to the classroom. International student graduates receive internationally recognized degrees, diplomas and certificates, which they can use to get jobs here or around the world. To pursue advanced education in Manitoba, please connect with the international education contacts at Manitoba’s advanced education institutions. They can provide information about programs, enrolment, financial matters and other questions.
Permanent Housing

To help refugees find longer-term housing, the provincial government is partnering with New Journey Housing to work with Ukrainians and their families to match clients with appropriate accommodations. New Journey Housing is a Winnipeg-based agency that helps newcomers find housing. It also has resources to support newcomers to rent or buy housing, and manage their money.

For information on finding housing, or offers from landlords or others with rental properties, please contact New Journey Housing at 204-942-2238, or visit 200-305 Broadway. Homestay options are currently not part of Manitoba’s approach to temporary or permanent housing for new families.

Employment Services

Manitoba Start provides a number of employment services, including job matching, job postings and work placements. More information is available here.

A wide range of employment and training services are offered through 13 Manitoba Jobs and Skills Development Centres situated throughout Manitoba, as well as through partnerships with community-based organizations and employers. Anyone authorized to work in Canada are eligible for general services. Services may include employment counselling, help to develop an employment plan and access to information about occupations and training opportunities. For more information, visit:

I am an employer and would like to hire Ukrainian refugees. What do I do?

Offering a safe haven for anyone arriving to Manitoba under challenging circumstances, as Ukrainians are experiencing now, is the first collective priority. Secondly, even for applicants who have a job offer from a Canadian employer, IRCC’s Canada-Ukraine Authorization for Emergency Travel (CUAET), Temporary Resident with Open Work Permit option, is the most direct pathway for Ukrainian citizens to apply to come to Canada.

At this time, there is no limit to the number of Ukrainians who can apply under IRCC’s Canada-Ukraine Authorization for Emergency Travel pathway. This is the fastest, safest and most efficient way for Ukrainians to come to Canada and eliminates many of the normal visa requirements. All Ukrainian nationals may apply through this new pathway, pending background check and security screening.

Please note that applicants may apply for an open work permit when completing an application under the CUAET with all fees being waived by IRCC.

As IRCC is responsible for documentation and processes pertaining to entry to Canada, please refer to the following IRCC resources regarding the measures in place for Ukrainians and information for employers by visiting:

If you are interested in supporting Ukrainians with offers of employment, please register on federal government’s Job Bank’s Jobs for Ukraine webpage. Manitoba employers can also submit their job- related offers to with the subject line UKRAINE RESPONSE.

If you are interested in hiring persons in partnership with the MPNP, please contact the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program at  with the subject line HELP UKRAINE.

YES! Winnipeg Job Connections Portal

Economic Development Winnipeg’s Business Development team, YES! Winnipeg, is leveraging its existing Job Connections Portal to connect Ukrainian nationals looking for temporary or permanent jobs with employers in Manitoba. Prospective or incoming Ukrainian nationals are invited to register in the portal to be potentially matched with Manitoba employers interested in hiring them. Once matched, employers will reach out to these individuals directly for interviews and next steps. Businesses interested in hiring Ukrainian nationals can also register in the portal.

Manitoba Start

Manitoba Start is a one-stop organization that connects newcomers to settlement, orientation, language and employment services. Manitoba Start will conduct a needs and assets assessment and refer individuals to a settlement worker and relevant services, including health care, child care, education, housing and employment services. For additional information on available services, please visit Manitoba Start. The Manitoba Start Arrival Advisor app can connect newcomers to information and services in the area where they live.

Family Supports for Children with Disabilities

Children’s disABILITY Services offers a variety of resources and supports to parents to assist them to care for their children at home in their own communities, where children grow and thrive. Children’s disABILITY Services offers a range of services and supports. Eligible children must also have a medical diagnosis confirming one or more of the following conditions:

  • intellectual disability
  • developmental delay
  • autism spectrum disorder
  • lifelong physical disability
  • high probability of developmental delay due to a pre-existing condition

To apply to the program directly complete the Referral and Intake Application form and submit it, along with diagnostic assessment or medical report, to the regional Children’s disABILITY Services office in your region. To learn more, click here.

Federal Financial Support

Ukrainians arriving to Canada under CUAET can apply for a federal income support through the new Income Transitional Assistance Initiative (CUTAI). This one-time only payment will be provided to adults and children. Payments will be made through direct deposit; therefore, potential applicants will require a bank account with a Canadian financial institution. Learn more.

Temporary Assistance Program (TAP)

As part of its established policy to welcome Ukrainians seeking safety and refuge from Russian aggression, and its ongoing program of deliver a full range of provincial supports, the Manitoba government continues to offer the Temporary Assistance Program (TAP) until March 31, 2023. TAP benefits provide direct financial assistance to eligible individuals travelling to Canada under the federal Canada-Ukraine Authorization for Emergency Travel (CUAET) program.

Provincial TAP assistance provides monthly income for basic needs and will support transition from temporary provincial reception hotel accommodations to longer-term community rental housing. TAP eligibility will also facilitate additional health benefits not otherwise covered under provincial health care cards. These include access to prescription drug, dental and optical benefits.

Further information on eligibility details, based on personal circumstances, along with the application process is available by calling 204-945-5324 or by email to .

Additional support and coordination for individuals seeking employment, or who will be transitioning from TAP benefits to employment income, is available through Manitoba Start.

Temporary Assistance Program (TAP)


The City of Winnipeg offers the WINNpass program which provides individuals with low income the opportunity to purchase adult monthly transit passes at a 50 per cent discount. Eligible adults can apply for a WINNpass. Click here to apply.


It is important to maintain personal safety whenever you are in a new and unfamiliar place. Even if you live in a place you know well, it’s still important to be mindful of your surroundings. The Winnipeg Police Service provides education and awareness on safety and crime prevention.

For details, visit the Winnipeg Police Service website.

Personal Safety PDF – English

Personal Safety PDF – Ukranian


See the resources listing for the most up to date information on Manitoba’s provincial response, federal response and data, as well as community and settlement resources.


The Arrival Advisor app will help ease your settlement journey by connecting you to information and services in your area. Based on anonymous questionnaire responses and geographic location, you will receive customized recommendations. Discover the information and services you need to learn English, seek employment, find housing, explore education opportunities and more! Learn more.


Ukrainian Canadian Congress

Ukrainian Canadian Congress – Manitoba Provincial Council

MANSO – The Manitoba Association of Newcomer Serving Organizations (MANSO) is a non-profit organization that acts as an umbrella organization for settlement service providers in Manitoba. MANSO has compiled a list of resources and supports for the Ukrainian-Canadian community. Visit their website for more information.


Manitoba Start – orientation information, needs assessments, referrals and employment support

Settle in Manitoba – general settlement information, credential assessment, working in regulated professions

Settlement Workers in Schools (SWIS)

SWIS workers are professionals situated within select schools in Manitoba that provide newcomer children, youth and adults information and orientation to supports in their community as well as offer programming and referral services. Newcomers can contact a SWIS worker directly to discuss settlement needs. Services are available to permanent residents and Ukrainian CUAET holders. For a listing of SWIS in Manitoba click here.

Settlement orientation and guidance – For all newcomers arriving new to Manitoba, there is a settlement network ready to provide support to help you settle. From orientation to the province, city of Winnipeg and Canada, to learning about banking, health, employment and training, there are resources available online to help newcomers to settle and integrate into communities throughout the province.


Settlement Services in Rural Manitoba
Rural and small centres offer services for newcomers to help orient them to the community, the resources and services available, as well as providing specific supports for newcomers, such as language supports, meet and greet events, youth programming, employment supports and more.  For more information, please visit the various settlement offices in Manitoba:
Northwest Regional Immigrant Services Inc.
Westman Immigrant Services
Eastman Immigrant Services
Regional Connections Immigrant Services
Neepawa and Area Immigrant Settlement Services
Portage Learning and Literacy Centre
Thompson Newcomer Immigrant Services
Settling in Rural Manitoba
Welcome Place works directly with Ukrainians and regional service providers to make the transition for Ukrainian newcomers to regional communities as smooth as possible by:

  • helping to organize individual exploratory visits with rural service provider organizations (SPOs) and follow-up with moving interested families to rural towns.

Rural Communities
Communities that would like to welcome and settle Ukrainians, contact Welcome Place by email at to discuss desires and opportunities to settle newcomers in your community.